currently 7-26-18

vacationing  in Lake Tahoe and Reno. The purpose of the trip was for a family reunion, but we flew in a few days ahead to explore Lake Tahoe.

loving the field of daisies I found during our hike. So beautiful

cooling off in the clear water lake after a hot day in the sun

realizing that summer will be over soon. School starts in a month and this summer is flying by so fast

reading By Invitation Only. I’m only a quarter in and I haven’t decided yet whether to finish it or not

starting a public Instagram account. Come follow my adventures and book reviews at @LeaHeadedSomewhere.  Instagram is my preferred social media platform. I know a lot of people stopped reading blogs and are just hanging out on IG now.

feeling the heat wave after we’ve returned to SoCal. Our A/C unit broke and we are struggling with our sleep at night because it’s hard to get comfortable. Hoping it can get repaired soon

wearing my hair in a bun or low ponytail daily at work. It’

planning my trip to London with my sisters in September. We’ve already booked our flights. The trip finally feels real after we’ve been talking about it for a year.

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