celebration : brunch for H 2nd birthday

My  little man turned 2 in March. Last year we threw a huge party, so to change the pace, we kept it simple this year. We invited immediate family over for a late morning brunch and cake. At 24 months, H knows that the week was a special week of celebration for him, balloons and […]

oh what fun – hawke turns 1

It was just a year ago that our little bundle of joy came into our lives It has been a whirlwind of a year, a year of joy and a year full of happy memories. I keep reminding myself to write down his birth story so I don’t forget the small details, but I still […]

A Day In The Life – April 2013

  I’ve seen other bloggers document “a day in the life” and it inspired me to do the same. I love recording and taking pictures of our daily lives, especially these first several weeks after Hawke was born. All the pictures were taken from my iphone. A few of them are very grainy since I […]

Hawke – 2 weeks

Our little man is already 2 weeks old. His full name is Bradley Hawke, but we call him by his middle name Hawke. We have been calling him that even before we found out he was going to be a boy. His first week at home, all this baby wanted to do was sleep. I […]

….And Baby Makes Three

  hello friends! Our precious baby boy is here. On Wednesday, March 20th at 12:11 pm, we welcomed Bradley Hawke into our lives.                               Baby is doing well and at his first pediatrician appointment earlier this week, he has gained almost […]