my “about me” page as of August 2015

  My “about me” page is going to be updated soon, just posting my old one as a blog post so I have a way to archive it. A lot of things have changed since I started my blog in 2010 (I got married, I became a new mom, we bought a new house and […]

New Blog Design and Domain

Happy Friday friends! There are a few changes happening in the blog today. First, I made some changes to the blog design. My blog is a medium where I can talk about things that make me happy and talk about things I love to do. I have written 300 posts and have been blogging for […]

Lemon Date Oatmeal Bar

When I first started the blog, I knew very little about designing a blog. I didn’t spend a lot of time fretting about the design because I just wanted to get started. I just wanted a medium where I can talk about the fun stuff that happens in life, a place where I can post […]