Oh The Places You’ll Go

My  living room this past weekend looked like a wedding central galore. Now, everything is put together and will be boxed today ready for Puerto Vallarta. Besides our luggage and possibly 2 boxes we are checking in, I will be carrying-on my wedding dress on the flight on Friday. I’ve got to make sure it’s […]

Monday Blues

Summer is here, or at least that’s how it feels like the last few days. The weather is so beautiful today, and because I am working on a holiday, I feel like am missing out. I should be outside having a picnic or frolicking at the beach. I had a very fun weekend hiking at […]


I noticed today’s date is 1.11.11. A lot of brides try to make their wedding date a unique one, so I won’t be surprise if there are a lot of weddings happening today. Slow Things Down One of my new year’s resolution was to slow it down. Most of the time I rushed thru my […]

A cup of Pumpkin Pie

I was excited to wake up today because we had a special family event to go to AND because I was excited to try my new cup of pumpkin pie that I picked up this week. Pumpkin pie in a bag Pumpkin Pie coming right up. The coffee aroma filled our dining room and I […]