All Rested + Wedding Cakes

After 15 hours of sleep total (not consecutive) and 8 cups of fresh ginger tea, I am feeling much better. I just rested, took a lot of vitamins, drank a lot of liquids and I think that’s all I needed. I was really looking forward to a blog event scheduled in San Diego this weekend, […]

My comfort foods + Wedding Diary Update

Ever since Monday, I haven’t been feeling well. My beverage of choice has been fresh ginger tea with honey. Sometimes I make it really strong and it’s spicy, sometimes a little light and with more honey. I’ve also been craving comfort food. Chocolate gives me comfort. I have been adding chocolate shavings on top of […]

If Disney had a CSA

Thank you everyone for all your sweet comments on the engagement pictures sneak peek. I received a few emails with funny comments from friends. Funny comments such as “Oh go get your own barn”, “The pictures are channeling  Bella and Edward in the woods” and “Keep the boots on, if you know what I mean”. […]

Lemon Date Oatmeal Bar

When I first started the blog, I knew very little about designing a blog. I didn’t spend a lot of time fretting about the design because I just wanted to get started. I just wanted a medium where I can talk about the fun stuff that happens in life, a place where I can post […]


Last night I drove 80 miles south to have dinner with my college friends and to celebrate my friend Gloria’s birthday. Everyone is scattered and living all over Southern California, so the good half way point for everyone was the PF Chang’s restaurant in Carlsbad. (I was just there shopping last week). The drive wasn’t […]