Lightning, Thunderstorm…Oh my!

I took my sweet time getting up today. I slept late last night to catch up on lectures and never ending acronyms that I have to memorize for school. Some of the acronyms are definitely unique and sometimes funny so they do help me out during exams. I forgot to set my alarm for this […]

Oatmeal Raisin Bars and Sea Fair

It’s rainy and gloomy today but it’s a good today because it’s  Friday 🙂 I love Fridays and the feeling of being excited for the weekend. It’s going to be a fun weekend, hope the weather will be nice. If you live near the L.A. area and looking for something fun to do this weekend […]

Let’s Cha Cha

I didn’t have a good day yesterday. It started out really well, I woke up when it was cold and dark at 6am. I was productive and studied. Then as the hours progress, my mood just went south and I was cranky. It was a mix of a lot of things. The material I was […]

Tickle me Pink & Orange

 Peanut Butter cookies for breakfast makes Monday morning much better. My sweet friend Erica from Itzy’s Kitchen sent me these treats that I won from her giveaway. I’m so glad I won her cookies because I have wanted to taste cookies baked with peanut butter flour. The cookies tasted great. It is chewy, dense and […]

Chocolate + Mickey and Friends

 The last few days I have been enjoying my oatmeal with a side of Chocolate Bread Pudding. May I say that these tasted even better the day after? I thought it couldn’t get better the first time around. Old fashion oats, vanilla protein powder, Trader Joe’s Chunky Apple Sauce and fresh blueberries. I mix my […]