That Is All

After Christmas, I purposely did not make any plans so I can have some downtime. A much needed downtime. I’ve spent a few days like no other days during the year. Just relaxing. Relaxing like staying in my pajamas all day, eating my meals in my pajamas all day and watching movies in my pajamas all day. […]

Christmas Day

After my family’s Christmas Eve party, I woke up early on Christmas Day ready to greet the day 🙂   I was the first one to wake up. So I made a pot of coffee and sat down near the fireplace and just relaxed. Ahhhhh, I love the smell of Christmas and being surrounded by […]

The Joy of Christmas

It is our family’s tradition to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. ‘Twas the night before Christmas, our families gathered to celebrate together. With food a plenty… like traditional food such as whole roasted pig (lechon) and noodles (pancit palabok)   and of course desserts.   We had some healthy snacks too. I ate my heart out […]

Candy Cane Lane

On my days off from work, I play chauffeur to my mom and my aunt. They love to plan the places they would like to visit and tell me their to-do list. They get excited when I’m not working so that they can have their playtime outside of the house. With the rain pouring for […]

Feel The Burn + Sugar Cookies

It was raining all night last night and all day today. It was really cozy inside the house and the perfect day for baking 🙂 I was planning to eat breakfast burrito today but since I woke up with rain outside, I did a switcheroo and ate my usual breakfast lately, protein oatmeal with melted peanut […]