The One with all the cookies

I love Fridays, I’m always in a good mood. The hot Christmas weather is now gone and has been replaced with cold and rainy mornings. Today’s early drive to the gym required a thick hoodie and gloves. Yes, the temperature is around mid-40s (and some of you might say it’s ONLY 40s) but that is […]

Toasted Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I love baking. Whenever I am in the kitchen baking, I go to my relaxing place, where I have the music in the background and I breathe the sweet aroma swirling around me. I bake all year long. But throughout the year, I bake mostly healthy treats like batches of snack bars here and there, […]

Hello again

Well hello again, it has been awhile. I have been busy the last several days spending time with family and friends, and taking care of family matters. But the calm is here and my schedule has finally slowed down. I think this is longest time I’ve disconnected from my computer, which at times can be […]

Holiday Ornaments

We’ve had a cold December so far. Because it has been chilly, my cravings for fruits and salads has been completely non-existent. I crave hot breakfast, soups, hot & hearty grains and just hot food in general. I am still in love with the Carrot Cake oatmeal and have been making a big pot each […]

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Friday night was my “Ugly Christmas Sweater” themed party with my friends. Ready for the uglies? Which sweater do you think is the ugliest? It was a really fun party. We giggled and laughed at each other the whole night and posted pictures on Facebook to see who would win the ugliest. Since the party […]