{currrently} – hers & baby H

I loved documenting my life (hello blog!) and what prevents me from doing it more often is the time it takes to do it. I’m always finding ways to do a shortcut, but I want to do shortcuts only if I also love the end results. This post was inspired by a post I saw […]

currently– {june 2014)

  celebrating the great weather and enjoying the small moments slowing things down, and being intentional with our time creating my reading nook in our house (picture above) borrowing books from the library and reading instead of watching tv in the evenings looking forward to receiving this hammock for our backyard drinking iced coffee and […]

currently / {february14}

  listening to the loud rain and strong winds outside. The first rainy week this year. being thankful that the whole family is healthy this week, after baby was sick all of last week and then later  hubby and I caught the bug going around renewing my annual pass for Disneyland. I’m looking forward to […]

currently / {january 14}

  using my camera and forcing myself to use the timer so I can be IN the pictures, instead of taking the pictures enjoying our Cali winter, with 80 degree weather and insanely grateful for it praying that we don’t have brush fires since the weather is so dry watching Breaking Bad marathon. I didn’t […]