merry christmas

  Merry Christmas Thank you for the love and support. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you get to spend time with the ones you love! Advertisements


  going in and out of the hospital, to visit my mom. She is currently in ICU. feeling mostly sad this week, in between pockets of joy drinking strong coffee at Urth Café, having breakfast with all my siblings visiting Santa last weekend, wearing our festive reindeer headband watching H sitting on Santa’s lap for […]

25 books – countdown to Christmas

My little man loves books. We went to an aquarium once (and were were in an area surrounded by all interesting tanks filled with colorful fishes), and he found himself a little nook where there were a stack of books and sat on the floor and happily read them. He also loves reading time at […]


  baking with my little man. We made breakfast granola, next  up…cookies making new friends in our neighborhood and getting invited to their community’s winter festival having some fun at work. I helped decorate gingerbread cookies that we are selling for charity bake sale playing with snow, riding a carriage, seeing Santa, petting animals and […]

national cookie day: 4 favorite cookies for the holidays

Happy National Cookie day! Gosh, there is a holiday for everything these days huh? The ones I seem to pay attention to are the food related ones, like cookie day and Nutella day. Right outside my door is this gigantic pan of cookies ready to be packaged. We are selling cookies to raise funds for […]

{recipe} cranberry brie bites

I love mini foods and always try to look for “mini” dishes to make whenever I’m hosting a party. I’m the type of person that likes to have a taste here and there, but don’t want to eat a full serving because then I will get full fast and won’t be able to taste the […]

christmas time at disneyland

The happiest of all holidays is here. This time is so special for us, we get to see our family often and be merry with them, I’m planning to document more throughout this month, so there will be more, BUT short posts in December. At the end of the month, I will compile everything in […]

december daily {10} – Around Here during Christmas

Christmas was sweet and simple this year (well, as simple as we can get it), just what I was hoping for. There were plenty of festive things I wanted to do that didn’t happen, but that’s ok, next year I just have to plan better. Something that I decided last minute was our holiday card […]

december daily {9} – Meeting Santa

Hawke first had a glance at Santa at Disneyland. Santa was approaching Main St. with all his elves and there was a big crowd in front of us that we couldn’t really get close to the parade, but we could still see him approaching our area.   Chris lifted Hawke so he can see better. […]

december daily {8} – shearling darling

  I haven’t done my nails since summer but last week, I wanted to add a little shine and color to my nails. I chose Essie’s Shearling Darling nail polish and I think it’s the perfect holiday plum and hue. Picture taken during a date night with the hubby 🙂