Not Ready

I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. I feel like she is going away soon. But I hope she stays for a few more weeks. I am trying to hold on to summer but I think everyone is else is ready to move on. We had another scorching weekend. During our Disney Sunday […]

Havana Banana

My workout this morning was a challenging one. My muscles have been missing the muscle burn. For the last few weeks, I have been enjoying more cardio type of workouts….running, hiking and indoor gym workouts. I wanted to try something new to get back into strength training and this DVD is new to me. I’ve […]

Fun Under The Shade and Pei Wei

I wish my workout this morning was fun under the sun. But it’s another hot day so instead, it was fun under the shade. Actually it was more like, go walk under trees kind of day. I didn’t feel like running today but I still wanted to be active. So I headed out to the […]

Out Is The New In

With the gorgeous summer weather we are having, I think being out is the new in. Don’t you think? The flowers are in full bloom in our front yard and I just can’t help but spend as much time outside before the summer ends. I had a wonderful weekend, it was mostly spent outdoors. On […]

Pizookie Pizookie

Our weekend has been a little busy. There are a lot of errands and housework to be done before we leave for our honeymoon. I’m scrubbing and wiping every thing in our kitchen. I want to come home to a clean kitchen when we return. Chris and I both spend a lot of time in the kitchen […]