SoCal Sandwiches – Guest Post

  Today’s guest poster is my friend Glenn. We both have something very dear in common, my nephew Jonah. Jonah is both our first nephew so we both have fun in spoiling Jonah and then we give him back to his parents when we are done. Glenn is a foodie, he loves food and he […]

Kats Health Corner – Guest Post

Even fantasy destinations have their bad days, even on our honeymoon. Today, the wind and rain has stirred up the white beaches and it is not looking like its pretty self. We are enjoying some downtime, waiting for the bad weather to pass so we can get ourselves some delicious fruit shakes. Yesterday we had […]

Fancy That…Fancy This – Guest Post

Hi friends, Just want to pop in the good ole blog to say hello. Chris and I are having a great time in the Philippines. We are on Day #13 of our honeymoon, sadly it is our last week of travel. We are currently on our 4th and last island. Today, we walked the 4km […]

Traveling In Egypt – Guest Post

Today’s guest post comes from my friend Irene. Irene and I were friends in high school but we lost touch during college days. Thanks to Facebook, we were able to reconnect again. I love her positive outlook in life and her energy,  and I always enjoy the quotes she shares daily. We have a few […]

Hungry Meets Healthy – Guest Post

Hi everyone! I’m Christina, from Hungry Meets Healthy.I was honored to be asked by Lea to write a guest post! Isn’t she the sweetest? Not to mention, she has the cutest clothes! 🙂 So who doesn’t love a vacation? I know I do! As a self-proclaimed foodie, I admit that new restaurants and foods are […]