4.26.11 = 30!

I had a wonderful birthday celebration yesterday. Thank you to everyone who greeted me and sent birthday wishes my way 🙂 Normally, I would plan to travel around my birthday, but with the wedding and our trip to Mexico being a month away, we decided to stay local. It was low key, relaxing and just […]

Maki Yaki Sushi and Long Beach Grand Prix

Thank you everyone for your well wishes about my mom. She was in good spirit when I visited today and is looking forward to getting out of the hospital.  I spent most of my weekend spending time with my mom but once visitor hours were over, I was able to enjoy some sushi with Chris. […]

Chelsea Lately Show

It has been awhile since I bought soymilk, I’ve been using almond milk for years because I prefer the taste of it. Last week at Wholefoods, I picked up a new-to-me Earth Balance soymilk. I like it. I’ve forgotten how creamy soymilk can be or it could be that this brand is the creamy kind. […]

Pizza, Pizza

Well, hello blog….I’ve missed you.  I decided when I first started the blog that it was going to be a she.  I’ve missed her. The last few days have been spent just resting. I purposely slept in and went to bed very early. It paid off because I’m so  much better now. Unfortunately, Chris caught […]

Jump Start 2011 – Giveaway

The beginning of the year tends to be a time when people put a renewed focus on healthy living. When we start up a new fitness routine, sometimes there are aches and pains that follow due to our new activities. Wouldn’t it be great if we can  “Be Fit and Pain Free in 2011”? I […]