currently {september 13}

drinking coffee again, a strong one at that. I love coffee but stopped drinking it when I got pregnant. I’m trying to wake up really early these days so I can get a head start on my day before baby wakes up, a cup of coffee is much needed. scrapbooking and making pages for my […]

Weekend Things

We had a fun and productive weekend. We are getting ready to sell our house soon, so we had several appointments to show our house throughout the weekend, which makes it tough to leave the house during the day but we made sure to venture out in the evening. On Tuesday,  we had dinner at […]

Vegging Out

Hello friend 🙂 I hope your weekend is going well. With a newborn at home, my days and nights are starting to blur these days. I constantly look at my phone to check what day/date it is. But I do know it’s April, and this month will be a special month for me since I will […]


working…..long hours now, getting ready for maternity leave soon.  I’m going on my maternity leave in a month (when I am 38 weeks pregnant), so work has been very busy lately. I’m putting in a lot of hours, training and putting finishing touches on some projects. I am really looking forward to just resting a […]

life in pictures

The month of January finds me at 29-32 weeks in my pregnancy.  I look at my growing belly and I get more and more excited to meet the baby. I’m feeling well over all, but I have my days where I don’t get enough sleep and I’m ready to nap and call it a day […]