Happy Birthday Chris

Today we celebrated the fiance’s birthday. It’s just the beginning of many celebrations we will be doing throughout the week. Happy Birthday Chris!!! Birthday celebrations would not be as special without a trip to Disneyland. We spent a few hours at both Disney California Adventures and Disneyland park. First things first when it’s your birthday, […]

Pizza, Pizza

Well, hello blog….I’ve missed you.  I decided when I first started the blog that it was going to be a she.  I’ve missed her. The last few days have been spent just resting. I purposely slept in and went to bed very early. It paid off because I’m so  much better now. Unfortunately, Chris caught […]

The Oprah Show

I have been watching the Oprah Show for a long time. Whenever I could remember to do it, I would check the ticket reservation page on her website.  A few weeks ago, I entered my name during an open window for ticket reservations for the L.A taping of her show after the Oscars. A few […]

On the Red Carpet

I have very exciting news at the end of the post I.AM.SO.EXCITED!! My gym session this morning included 2 miles of warm-up on the treadmill. Afterwards, I completed 45 minutes of upper body strength training. I felt the burn today, so good. Pancake Sunday was on today. I made my sweet potato protein pancakes. I […]


Last night I drove 80 miles south to have dinner with my college friends and to celebrate my friend Gloria’s birthday. Everyone is scattered and living all over Southern California, so the good half way point for everyone was the PF Chang’s restaurant in Carlsbad. (I was just there shopping last week). The drive wasn’t […]