Fun Under The Shade and Pei Wei

I wish my workout this morning was fun under the sun. But it’s another hot day so instead, it was fun under the shade. Actually it was more like, go walk under trees kind of day. I didn’t feel like running today but I still wanted to be active. So I headed out to the […]

Part of Her World

Since the weather is heating up around here, my workouts has been less intense. Which is fine because I’m more active in other ways like pool time, bike time walking at the farmers market and walking at Disneyland. Since I want to be out as much as possible for the whole summer, including my workouts, […]

Red White and Blue

Our day in pictures. Red, white and blue everywhere. We are having fun this holiday weekend. Red….my new comfy shoes for the summer. White. Enjoyed the outdoors at OC Marketplace. and Blue. Newly car washed and shiny car. Enjoying the beautiful and very, very warm weather. Red, white and blue. A patriotic stranger working the […]

Itching for vacation

Operation tropical therapy has begun. Our vacation and wedding celebration is finally here, we leave for Mexico tomorrow morning. I’m starting to get that vacation itch, so close. Yesterday, Chris and I enjoyed our day out and about picking up some items for the wedding. It was a beautiful day in SoCal, but even more […]


It’s a jolly Monday around here, my stiff neck is gone and my perky attitude is back. After sleeping pillow-less on Friday night, it felt so much better on Saturday morning. It’s a new day and a new week, one day closer to our wedding 🙂 I greeted the day with delicious  and thick pancakes. […]