Baby #2 coming April 2021

Our quarantine blessing and Baby #2 is coming April 2021. We are overjoyed for this blessing and excited to meet our baby girl. My son is 7 years old now and my first pregnancy was in 2012-2013, so going thru this 2nd pregnancy almost 8 years later….feels like I’m a first time mom again. I […]

Pregnancy Update – 1st Week of Maternity Leave

Here’s a baby bump picture from 2 weekends ago, when I was 38 weeks. This picture was taken this morning…39 weeks and 6 days! One day away from due date!!! 39 weeks – Pregnancy Update How far along: 39 weeks 6 days. One day away from my due date!!! Maternity clothes: At this point, I’m […]

High Altitude: 16 – 17 weeks

We announced our pregnancy to close family and friends when I was 16 weeks pregnant. It was so exciting to share the news with everyone and it was great to see everyone’s reaction and surprised faces. I remember thinking at this point that I finally have a baby bump (when in reality and after looking […]

{Recipe} Greek Spinach Crescent Rolls

  Pregnancy Babble – 3rd Trimester Now that I am well into my third trimester, I am seeing more changes in the last few weeks  with my body and how I’m feeling than I did the entire pregnancy. One of the things that is happening lately is the lack of sleep. I can go to […]

Pregnancy Journal: 12 – 15 Weeks

Note from the future: I am behind in posting my pregnancy journals, but these are for me to look back on and see how I’ve changed throughout this journey. It is a very special and happy time in my life and I like looking back at every milestone. I also want to use this journal […]