Let’s Cha Cha

I didn’t have a good day yesterday. It started out really well, I woke up when it was cold and dark at 6am. I was productive and studied. Then as the hours progress, my mood just went south and I was cranky. It was a mix of a lot of things. The material I was […]

Nasoya – Tofu University Event

This week I attended Nasoya’s Tofu University event in L.A. Nasoya gathered local foodies to the event to experience Tofu U and get schooled on tofu recipes.  The event was held at the Palihouse, it’s a cute urban luxury hotel and residence in West Hollywood on La Cienega and Holloway.  It has modern and unique decor in […]

Nature’s Pride – Chocolate Bread Pudding

 In a month, I will be attending my first Foodbuzz Festival. It is the 2nd annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival where food bloggers will enjoy a weekend filled with delicious food and company of other food enthusiasts. Nature’s Pride bread is one of the official sponsors of the Foodbuzz Festival. They host an annual Bread Ambassador recipe […]

Effortless running

I went out for a quick and relaxing run first thing this morning.  When I first decided that I wanted to run a half marathon race, I joined a running group to train and learn good running form. I learned the ways of Chi Running. My coach told us once that “effortless running is when […]

A cup of Pumpkin Pie

I was excited to wake up today because we had a special family event to go to AND because I was excited to try my new cup of pumpkin pie that I picked up this week. Pumpkin pie in a bag Pumpkin Pie coming right up. The coffee aroma filled our dining room and I […]