{Weekend} Phone Snapshots

It was a busy and fun filled weekend. Here are some snapshots of my weekend thru my phone. Pumpkin Pancakes every morning. Road trip down south. Comfy in my Tom’s shoes. So comfortable. Chris’s favorite spot for fries. Veggie Burgers, garlic fries {bottomless} and salads for me. We hung out in Long Beach. Spent the […]

My October Goals

There’s something about the beginning of Fall that brings structure into most of our lives. I really think it starts in September when the school year starts.  The carefree days of summer ends and everyone is back to their schedules and usual routines. I usually have monthly goals for myself but some months they are […]

Why I Love To Travel

This past summer (and this year in general) has been the best of times. Having returned from a month long travel, both for our destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and for our honeymoon, island hopping in the Philippines…..I wanted to talk (and put into writing) about why I love to travel and why I always […]

Tamale Pie

I have never made tamales or pies before. I just thought that these recipes are labor intensive that it would take a long time. But I should just get my hands dirty and really start making pies. As for the tamales, I think I will leave that to the professionals. Side story: I used to […]

A Day To Remember

Yesterday, a decade later…we still remember. I spent the weekend doing what I love, with the people that I love. Doing what we love. Taking nothing for granted.