{recipe} caprese salad bites

Summer is here! It’s welcoming us with a heatwave this week, it hit 108 degrees yesterday in our neighborhood. We spend most of our summer weekends having family and friends over to swim in our backyard. Personally, if I’m spending the day at the pool, I like to graze all day long and make recipes […]

{recipe} favorite cauliflower pizza

I first tried cauliflower pizza about 5 years ago. I wanted to try it, because I was curious and I wanted to experiment. I wasn’t impressed by it but always thought I should keep trying until I find the right recipe for me. Well, I’ve found that recipe now. It took a few trial and […]

{recipe} banana coconut pecan bread

At the beginning of the year, I told myself to try a  new recipe every week. Any recipe, whether as complicated as baking bread from scratch, to dinner recipes and as simple as simple side dish or a smoothie recipe. It’s just a simple challenge that I try to do, to avoid ruts in the […]

{recipe} chocolate bird’s nest (Easter treat)

I’m enjoying a glorious three day weekend. I had Good Friday off and will be spending our Easter Weekend going to church, doing egg hunts, cooking for family and making fun treats. I want to share an Easter treat I made last year that everyone enjoyed. I love how cute these chocolate bird’s nest came […]

{recipe} chocolate & oatmeal mini bites

I try to stock our freezer with healthier treats. You know, for those times when I walk in the door in the evenings and dinner is not ready, and I just need one little snack to tide me over. Not just any snack, but a sweeter snack and eating a fruit will not squash the […]