{current favorite}–chop chop salad

  I have a current favorite salad. I eat this when I don’t get a chance to pack my own lunch, and these days, it has been happening more often. I asked the restaurant for all the ingredients so I can try to replicate it at home. What I find unique about this salad is […]

current favorite / spinach prosciutto salad

It’s so great when I find a salad combination that I like so much because it makes grocery shopping so much easier, especially when a salad can satisfy me for lunch. I am on week three on having this salad in our weekly menu and most likely I will be eating this for the rest […]

Salads – Packing on the Veggies

After the holidays, I felt the need to hit the restart button when it came to foods that I was eating. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, I ate too many heavy foods during social gatherings. I ate too much sugar and I definitely did not have enough activity. It was cold and I promised myself […]

Tortellini Salad Recipe & Summer BBQ

Hello friends 🙂 I hope summer is treating you well and you are staying cool. I’m currently in the middle of the busiest season at work, which is good because it makes my day go a whole lot faster than usual. I’m also making sure that summer does not get away from me. I try […]

New Salad Flavors – BJ’s Restaurant

My friend Lizelle was in town recently and we got to hangout and meet-up for dinner with the rest of our circle of friends. Even if we haven’t each other for awhile, we always just seem to pick-up where we left off….I haven’t seen her since my bridal shower last year. I’m really grateful for […]