Fiesta Quinoa Salad with Beans

I found a huge bag of brown rice in our pantry recently. I usually mark large packages of food items (usually items bought from Costco) with the purchase date on the front. It’s for my own curiosity and some sort of tracking on how long it takes us to finish a container. Well, the bag […]

Nutty Veggie Burger

I am going to be the godmother for my nephew Jonah when he is baptized next month. I got to hangout with him this past weekend during the mandatory seminar for the baptism. Since the last time I saw him, he has learned to have a strong grip, including my hair. Ouch. This weekend, Chris created a […]

Summer Lovin 1.0

I have to admit, after spending a few weeks in paradise, I felt some post vacation blues after we returned. It didn’t help either that it took a week before my food allergies was gone and I felt normal again. Being at the beach or doing some sort of water activity for almost a month, […]

Salad on salad

This week feels like a normal week for me, as normal as it can be with being only 23 days away before we leave for Mexico. Last week when we celebrated back to back celebrations, I lost track of my days and I lost count of desserts plate I’ve enjoyed. So this past Sunday, I […]

Kale Waldorf Salad

The month of January was fairly busy for me and it went by quickly.  Here are few of my favorite posts from January: I made this recipe 3x –  Sweet Potato and Kale Soup  Baked these delicious cookies and muffins Being featured as Chobani’s blogger of the week – 3 things from a Healthy Coconut […]