Rustic Pasta

When I think of pasta, I immediately think of Italian style dish and tomato sauce. But as I find new recipes and read new cookbooks, I find that pasta can be prepared in so many ways. This unique recipe from The Kind Diet cookbook has pasta but also includes a lot of cabbage, onions and celery. […]

Learning to love collard greens

I’ve enjoyed a lot of sweet treats this weekend and as much as I’ve enjoyed every  bite, it always leave me wanting for more and more sugar. I’m glad it’s Monday because I’m back to my routine of eating healthy food, which means I try to get my dose of vegetables and fruits in during […]

Okra Love

A few weeks ago, my aunt cooked a very simple okra dish. It was simple, with just a few ingredients and it was very tasty. After eating it a few days in a row, I told her “I can eat this everyday”. If I can find okra easily (frozen ones don’t taste as good), then […]