Lightning, Thunderstorm…Oh my!

I took my sweet time getting up today. I slept late last night to catch up on lectures and never ending acronyms that I have to memorize for school. Some of the acronyms are definitely unique and sometimes funny so they do help me out during exams. I forgot to set my alarm for this […]

Tickle me Pink & Orange

 Peanut Butter cookies for breakfast makes Monday morning much better. My sweet friend Erica from Itzy’s Kitchen sent me these treats that I won from her giveaway. I’m so glad I won her cookies because I have wanted to taste cookies baked with peanut butter flour. The cookies tasted great. It is chewy, dense and […]

Colorful foods

How is hump day Wednesday treating you? Thanks for all the comments on the last post about Halloween at Disneyland. It’s really festive and beautiful right now at Disney. If you have the opportunity to go, I would suggest making time for it.  And if you can’t go, I’ll take more pictures and share them […]

Recipe – Almond Energy Nut Bars

Since we have a long drive ahead of us to get to the cabin this weekend, I wanted to make these nut bars so we have healthy and filling snacks while in the car or during our long days at the lake. These are hearty bars that are filling and tasty. I made them this […]

Not according to plan

After dinner last night, we watched on DVD the British version of “The Office”. It was really interesting. Some of the jokes I didn’t really get because with the accent and some characters mumbling, I often missed the punch line.  I like the version of “The Office” we have here in the U.S. I love Jim […]