Italian Wedding Soup

Is it spring yet? I wish. We are having some very unusual weather in SoCal these days. It has been really cold. It was so cold, we went home early from Disneyland because it was TOO cold. I bundled up really well too, Me and my sister staying warm inside It’s A Small World ride. […]

Rainy Hike & Soup Recipe

I was excited to be outdoors again today. It has been a chilly week and I’ve been a hermit. I get cold easily so when Chris said he was feeling cold (he usually runs hot), you can bet that I was freezing. Ok, not really freezing. That’s just the drama queen coming out of me. […]

Butternut Squash Soup with Thai Gremolata

I know a lot of people say that we don’t really notice the change of seasons here in Southern California. But I disagree. I think that if you pay close enough attention to your surroundings, you can see the change in the seasons. I found a pumpkin patch that our farmer’s market had set-up. You […]

My comfort foods + Wedding Diary Update

Ever since Monday, I haven’t been feeling well. My beverage of choice has been fresh ginger tea with honey. Sometimes I make it really strong and it’s spicy, sometimes a little light and with more honey. I’ve also been craving comfort food. Chocolate gives me comfort. I have been adding chocolate shavings on top of […]

Sweet Potato and Kale Soup

Having eaten the delicious Thai soup a few days ago, I craved hot soup every day this week. I craved it because it is still very chilly outside and partly because it helped soothe my sore throat, which I can happily say is all gone. Yippee! With unlimited amount of coconut milk around the house that […]