what we ate / thanksgiving dinner

  Happy Thanksgiving week. I’m excited to spend time with family and friends as we celebrate Thanksgiving day on Thursday. I’m lucky to have majority of my family and friends nearby. We get to celebrate holidays together, which makes it more special. Hubby and I used to drive all over town to celebrate Thanksgiving at […]

november in pictures

I love doing these posts at the end of the month, a quick snap shot of what happened in the month. As I was perusing my phone for the pictures, I saw a repeated theme, that was FOOD! I’ve worked hard to simplify our life and not over commit ourselves and to keep it simple […]


  We hosted Friendsgiving at my house this year, I hope it will become a yearly tradition. We have a few young kiddos now in our circle of friends, so we asked everyone to come early around 4pm so we don’t keep the kids up too late. We had a great time catching up with […]

ideas for thanksgiving dishes

Even though I have my favorite holiday season dishes, I intentionally try new recipes every year. I look forward to discovering new recipes and trying new things in the kitchen.  Sometimes I try something new and I find it ok, so I either go back to my favorite dish the next year or keep looking […]

Thanksgiving 2012

Hello friends 🙂 Whoa, I can’t believe Thanksgiving has come and gone. The first few weeks of November was actually nice because I started thinking about everything I was grateful for and each day I stopped and think about everything in my life I’m grateful for. As the Thanksgiving week approached, each day went by […]