Paradise in Boracay

Not technically Wordless Wednesday.  I gotta say something, always 🙂 These are pictures from the island of Boracay in the Philippines. The island is very small, I think it’s only a few miles wide.  One of the best beaches I’ve ever been to.  I’ve been to Mexico and Caribbean beaches. When I went for a […]

Live Strong, Stay Strong

What does it mean to be strong? Health is Strength To me,  strong means being healthy and energetic. Strong is being confident in Who you are inside and out.  Strong means being comfortable in your own skin just the way you are. In celebration of the Operation Beautiful Book release, I wanted to participate in Change The Way You […]

I heart Seattle

Last fall I went on a travel-spree with friends, I guess you can say, I had wanderlust. I had some vacation days, great deals on hotels and all I needed was to pick a place and  go. I picked Seattle. I like organizing group trips, creating itineraries and researching places to visit and food to […]