{book report} the year we turned forty & the light we lost

  I’m back. I miss my blog. There have been a lot of adventures and books read this year. I will be playing catch up on my posts. Things that makes me happy right now are adventures, travelling, books and making memories. That will be reflected on my posts here. Happy Summer and most importantly….happy […]

{recipe} ginger zucchini soup

Hello 2017! I’m excited for what this year is in store for us. The holidays were wonderful and filled with lots of family time. We will be keeping our Christmas decor up until the last day when the Christmas tree has to be picked-up by the trash company.  Putting the decorations away always makes me […]


I’m adding initials next to items in my “Currently” posts. I want to include the whole family in the posts and the initials will mark who did what. My plan is to create a “year in review” picture book, which will include these posts. attending my brother’s high school choir concert. I haven’t gone to […]

book report / the time traveler’s wife & where’d you go, bernadette

    The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger This book has been on my to-be-read list for a long long time, since I’ve watched the movie in 2009. I loved the story then and love it even more after reading the book. Even though I already knew the plot, I still had tears while […]

goodbye mama

  My mom recently passed away. It was sudden, in a sense, that I didn’t really get to say goodbye when she was still conscious. Our family has been surrounded with love and support the last few weeks, we are grateful for that. This is my new normal, something I have to accept. I sit […]