wardrobe capsule / week 8

I started this wardrobe capsule on the first week of September, so I’ve been wearing the pieces for 3+ months.  I’m planning to start another capsule for the months of January – March/April. Lately, I’ve been forgetting to take pictures of my outfits.  I take these outfit pictures at work, in a public bathroom. I […]

wardrobe capsule / week 7

I’ve got seven weeks of wearing my wardrobe capsule and it’s clear which items are my favorite and will be carried over to the next capsule. I find myself gravitating towards wearing more dresses because they are so quick and easy to wear but I didn’t include a lot in this capsule, the 4-5 that […]

wardrobe capsule / week 6 – simple accessories

  I love wearing simple and minimalist style of jewelry for every day use.  I save the large statement necklaces for special occasion. I guess you can say my daily accessories are “barely there”, which is what I love. The items below are the jewelry that I’ve been wearing with this wardrobe capsule.  I stopped […]

work wardrobe capsule / week 5

Here’s this week’s outfits, we are now in Week 5 of my work wardrobe capsule. A new item that I haven’t worn in awhile is this grey crop pants that I got from Target. I like the look of crop pants on others but always hesitated wearing them myself. When I first tried it on, […]

wardrobe capsule / week 4 (using calendar to plan outfits)

Here’s how I organize my outfits for this capsule: 1.)  Listing all the possible mix & match outfits on paper 2.)  Using stylebook to visually create the outfits 3.)  Below – put the outfits and organize in the calendar. I wanted to make sure I wear all my pieces and avoid repeats on a weekly […]