{the living desert} cactus garden

Palm Springs is one of our favorites places to visit. We have visited it at least once every year in the last few years. We visited it twice this year already. Depending on the season, we tailor different activities during our visit. Our  little guy loves to wander around zoos, parks and playgrounds. We love […]

{weekend wandering} santa monica farmers market

  One of my favorite things in the summer are all the seasonal food found in the farmers market. In the summer, we do a lot of overnight stays and road trips around Southern California. Whenever we are out of town on the weekends, I try to search for info on the local farmer’s market. […]

{weekend wandering} – Los Angeles Zoo

Exploring the Los Angeles Zoo for the first time

{weekend wandering} carlsbad flower fields

  We went on a mini road trip down south to Carlsbad to hangout at the flower fields. Everything seems to be in bloom right now, the fields on the side of the freeways were all filled with yellow flowers, so the drive along the coast was pretty colorful. Last time we visited the flower […]

concert at the zoo

I don’t remember the last time I used my big DSLR camera. I didn’t even bring it on our last family vacation. I want to use it more often though and I thought of the excuses I had that was preventing me from grabbing it….and the biggest gripe I had was that it was too […]