What I Ate – Weekend in Las Vegas

Our Vegas fun continues….. I was the last one to arrive in Las Vegas to meet up with the rest of the family. After I arrived at the airport, the husband whisked me away and we dropped off my luggage in our hotel room. Next thing in order was brunch at Grand Luxe Cafe at […]

What I Ate – Almost No Cook Version

I’ve learned to stream line my morning routine and I feel like I’m back to my old self and my active lifestyle. I’ve consistently made it to the gym first thing in the morning the last few weeks. Woohoo! One of the things that I’ve done to stay sane in the morning is to do […]

What I Ate – Craving Carbs

It has been that kind of week where I am just craving carbs and can’t get enough of it. When I do eat a lot of carbs, I make sure that I eat healthier carbs by choosing whole wheat or whole grains when I can. For breakfast, I made pancakes using Kodiak Pancake mix. Eating […]

What I Ate {9}

The sun has decided to come out from hiding. We’ve had a rainy week here in SoCal, but today was great. Sunny and clear. Which means, I abandoned the treadmill today and ventured outdoors to go to the park for a 4 mile run. I was excited to get out and listen to new Jillian […]

What I Ate {8.0}

I have so many recipes bookmarked for this holiday season (mostly cookies and desserts) that I don’t think I’ll have time to bake and cook them all. I guess it’s ok to make holiday cookies in the Spring right? December is full of holiday parties and I am surrounded with indulgent desserts, delicious party food, […]