Rainy Hike & Soup Recipe

I was excited to be outdoors again today. It has been a chilly week and I’ve been a hermit. I get cold easily so when Chris said he was feeling cold (he usually runs hot), you can bet that I was freezing. Ok, not really freezing. That’s just the drama queen coming out of me. […]

Shake Shack Hike

My friends and I have enjoyed hiking at Crystal Cove all summer. Everyone has been busy with their lives that our hikes have been the only time we are able to catch up without interruption. We wanted to get our holiday weekend to an fun and active start so we headed to the beach. The […]


It’s a jolly Monday around here, my stiff neck is gone and my perky attitude is back. After sleeping pillow-less on Friday night, it felt so much better on Saturday morning. It’s a new day and a new week, one day closer to our wedding 🙂 I greeted the day with delicious  and thick pancakes. […]

The Hills

Another fun weekend in the books. What a great way to start the month of April. Chris’s bachelor party was this weekend so I stayed busy by planning some fun activities with my girlfriends. On Saturday, bright and early, we met at 6:30 am to go hiking at Peters Canyon. Same hiking trail that Chris […]

Up, Down, Repeat

We are having a wonderful summer-like weather today. It was too good of a weather to stay indoors. The temperature was around low 80s and with a nice breeze. Perfect day for outdoor activities, especially for a hike. The trails were crowded and everyone was out enjoying the perfect weather. Less than a mile after […]