{recipe} chocolate & oatmeal mini bites

I try to stock our freezer with healthier treats. You know, for those times when I walk in the door in the evenings and dinner is not ready, and I just need one little snack to tide me over. Not just any snack, but a sweeter snack and eating a fruit will not squash the […]

national cookie day: 4 favorite cookies for the holidays

Happy National Cookie day! Gosh, there is a holiday for everything these days huh? The ones I seem to pay attention to are the food related ones, like cookie day and Nutella day. Right outside my door is this gigantic pan of cookies ready to be packaged. We are selling cookies to raise funds for […]

{recipe} peanut butter cookies with chocolate hershey kiss

It’s February and I am surrounded by love and romance. Amy’s bridal shower was this past weekend and the celebration was beautiful. What made it extra special was the reunion among all my closest high school friends, a few travelled from San Francisco and Hawaii. Reunited and it felt so good.  We’ve all known each […]