{recipe} honey almond granola

  My toddler is starting to show interest in cooking. He watches me whenever I’m in the kitchen, cooking, baking and prepping. Mama, what’s that? I’m cutting onions. I love onions. I want some. (Grabs raw onions and take a bite. Sames goes for cauliflower, tomatoes and any fruit he sees me cutting). Weekends are […]

{recipe) cashew coconut raisin granola

What I look forward to in September is the renewed attitude towards goals. Maybe it’s just me, but September marks a new beginning whether new routines, new outlook on things or new school year when I was younger. However, we are having a delayed heat wave here in SoCal. We are currently in the hottest […]

Summertime Coconut Nuts Granola

coconut granola, granola