book report / the opposite of everyone & all the ugly and wonderful things




The Opposite of Everyone by Joshlyn Jackson

This is a story about a tough divorce lawyer with a troubled past is forced to revisit her childhood when she discovers her estranged mother is probably dead and may have left another child behind. I like books who have strong heroines that don’t take any BS. This book has it, she is damaged but also tough and competent.

The topic of Hindu mythology was interesting and was something I’ve never read before, so it kept me going and interested.

Memorable Quotes:

“If you live a life shaped like a loaded gun, your kid is going to come along and shoot it”

“How the tales we tell connect us, break us, and define us, and how the endings and beginnings we choose can destroy us or make us whole”

“I’m very interested in the concept of how you make home, how you get it, and how you fight for it, and how you keep it” (author’s interview)





All The Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood

This book is both ugly and wonderful, definitely not for everyone.  I felt uncomfortable for most of the novel, the subject matter is very controversial.

A story about dark tale of childhood, family and abuse. While the story was uncomfortable, sad and disturbing.., it was also written well so I kept reading because I wanted to find out what would happen next. At times, I couldn’t decide how I should feel about any of it.  I loved the multiple narrators in this story, at least 5 different narrators. I feel that reading all sides of this story has given me more compassion for those I truly know nothing about. One of the most unique love stories I’ve ever read.

I can see why this book was Book Of The Month Club’s 2016 book of the year.





re-committing to writing my “currently” posts weekly. I will look back at these posts years later and really glad that I have some documentation of this stage in life. I was looking at archives from 2 years ago and was a little dissapointed that I hardly wrote about our weekly shenanigans

celebrating my birthday this month.  We took a Spring Break/Birthday trip to Palm Springs early in April and had a blast. On my actual birthday week, we plan to dine out at my restaurant of choice and have a cake

beginning swimming lessons for H. It will be twice a week for 6 weeks and I’m so proud when I see him do little kicks in the pool. Hubby tried to teach him how to swim, but having an official instructor is working out better for H (maybe more structure and peer pressure from the other kids?)

reading Present Over Perfect and it’s just what I need in this season in life. I feel like reading the words in this book is what my soul needs.

picking fresh strawberries at the farm. It’s our first time picking berries that are on raised beds, and I don’t taste any difference. I actually prefer it, because the berries are less dirty and we are allowed to eat while picking. I hope to make this an annual spring season activity. H enjoyed the tractor ride to the field and eating all the berries

getting excited that my Aunt Lita is visiting from the Philippines next week. It will be her first time in the States and I haven’t seen her for 15+ years

book report / maybe in another life & station eleven

    Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid I really enjoyed this story. It had a very “Sliding Doors” feel to it. This is my second book by Taylor Jenkins Reid and I really like her writing style. I know I will eventually read all her books. The book  has two different timelines […]

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{weekend wandering} carlsbad flower fields

  We went on a mini road trip down south to Carlsbad to hangout at the flower fields. Everything seems to be in bloom right now, the fields on the side of the freeways were all filled with yellow flowers, so the drive along the coast was pretty colorful. Last time we visited the flower […]

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  celebrating our little man’s 4th birthday. We took him to Legoland over the weekend and had his birthday lunch at school with a cake, pizza, desserts and balloons going on our monthly date night, we had dinner California Fish Grill and watched Beauty and The Beast saying goodbye to our puppy Leilani. She was […]

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book report / we were liars

  We Were Liars by E. Lockhart (4/5 stars) This story was beautiful, haunting and suspenseful. It was a quick read, perfect for a day at the beach. I had goosebumps when the twist was revealed and also felt sadness. Maybe I will go back and re-read in the future….just to figure out if there […]

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book report / year of yes

  Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes (4/5 stars) This book is written by Shonda Rhimes, creator of hit TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy religiously in the early seasons, so Shonda’s name was familiar to me. She chronicles how saying YES for one year changed her life. I […]

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    spending time with grandma and grandpa O and playing games at their house. Uncle Mark was in town visiting. going to a baby shower that was catered by The Habit burger (yummy) with an under the ocean dessert table theme (so cute) going to Mila’s 1st birthday and she was so adorable eating […]

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book report / one true loves & everything everything

    One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid (4/5 stars) This is like the Cast Away movie, but in this version Tom Hanks comes home just before the wedding. Emma Blair married her high school sweetheart Jesse in her twenties: they traveled the world together and were blissfully happy—until Jesse’s helicopter disappeared over the […]

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  visiting Eric Carle kid’s exhibit at our local kids  museum. It’s our 3rd visit in the last 2 weeks volunteering as a parent chaperone to H’s pre-school field trip. This month’s trip was to the post office. going to the park and playing with the ducks bringing food for our picnic. It was H’s […]

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