8-16-16 currently

celebrating Lizelle’s baby shower. We are having a baby boom this year  (2 newborns as of today already) and Lizelle’s shower is the third in our group that we celebrated this summer. I can just picture our holiday parties surrounded with babies.

going to the Orange County Fair with the whole family. I think we skipped the last 2 years and glad we came back this year as our little guy had a blast. He is tall enough to go on rides (accompanied by a parent). We will probably go back one more time before it ends

participating in the children museum’s Olympic games for kids and doing a water relay with H

making our own Olympic medal using fruit loops cereal

hosting my in-laws for a BBQ and pool party on Sunday. There were lots of water gun fun

booking our flight to NYC in October. I’m excited to be in New York with my sister during the fall season. I know it’s going to be so beautiful.

trying out Instagram stories. It was fun to try it, but I don’t remember to use it as often as I would like.  Once the new-ness of it all wear off, I don’t see myself using it often because I usually take pictures throughout the day and post at the end of the day. With IG stories, your post is live and what’s happening in that moment, which is now how I use social media

starting this book—> Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living and absorbing the words slowly and intentionally. I like to read books like these one chapter at a time and keep it on my bedside table for months.




starting a new gallery wall in our living room. There was a set of sconce on this wall, and had to remove it because some of the glass décor broke after H was jumping on the couch. After that, we had to toddler proof the house from floor to ceiling

harvesting ripe tomatoes from our garden. I think the plants might have reached it’s peak in producing tomatoes already, because of the heat wave, they are not doing too well

putting up school art in H’s room. We are just using colorful washi tape to hang them and H loves to help out with putting them up on the wall

spending a lot of time in the arts & craft room at the kids museum. H is going thru a phase where he is enjoying gluing things and cutting paper

watching the movie Bad Moms with my friend Lin. We loved it and it was hilarious. I would like Mila Kunis’s characters work wardrobe

planning a trip to NYC in October with my sister for her birthday. I already booked our hotel rooms and just shopping around for airfare

enjoying the quiet week we had. We didn’t have any social events and work was uneventful, so happy for the peace and quiet during this busy summer season

wearing my 2nd summer uniform of soft tee/chambray skirt/slide sandals


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    playing with bubbles whenever we can, it gives us something fun to play with during this heat wave going on a date night. We had dinner at BJ’s Restaurant and watched the movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates painting my nails neutral color. I didn’t use get manicure and giving my nails […]

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sunday food prep


  Here is what I prepped on Sunday. Both my husband and I work full time and often, we work long hours, so every prep I can do on the weekends helps tremendously during the week. roasted cauliflower rice boiled eggs for snacking – I usually store this in my office fridge cut up fruits […]

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{recipe} chopped greek salad


I often find the hubby and our little man swimming in the pool when I get home from work. I’ll chat and play with them for a bit and then I head over to the garden patch and check on the tomato plants. I check on the plants a few times a week and harvest […]

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  enjoying the warm weather at the beach. We are exploring different toddler friendly beaches in the area eating a ton of peaches. I buy a full tray and we eat them throughout the week. I also made my favorite fruit crisp recipe with cut up fresh peaches and added shredded coconut with the oats […]

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    venturing out to a new-to-us beach in Newport area and so happy that it was very toddler friendly. There were no waves and it had a very cool lighthouse and nautical themed playground a few steps away from the beach showering my friend Amy and baby London Elise with love at her baby […]

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concert at the zoo


I don’t remember the last time I used my big DSLR camera. I didn’t even bring it on our last family vacation. I want to use it more often though and I thought of the excuses I had that was preventing me from grabbing it….and the biggest gripe I had was that it was too […]

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{recipe} cream cheese veggie dip


  With summer in full swing, we often have friends and family over at our house to swim every weekend. I’m always looking for quick snacks and dips I can serve to a hungry crowd and something that will be appetizing after being in the hot sun in the afternoon. The original recipe that I […]

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currently  7-11-16.jpg

    enjoying our summer activities and being outdoors whenever we can park-hopping and checking out other cool parks in our area. We have a great Pirate Themed park near our  house but I’m just now discovering all these local public parks that are too cool to miss trying on ice hockey gear while at […]

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