book report / eligible & the one in a million boy



Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld (4/5 stars)

This is a re-telling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and has been updated for the modern times, including a reality TV show mixed in. I think I would have still enjoyed the story even if it wasn’t an adaptation.

This classic gets adapted often, but this is the first adaptation I’ve read. The story still followed the basic plot points and characters of the original book, while including new interesting plots. The writing was sharp, funny and at times, clever with dry humor sprinkled in. And just like the classic, Mr. Darcy is still sooooooo….Darcy.

Favorite Quote
“There’s a belief that to take care of someone else, or to let someone else take care of you — that both are inherently unfeminist. I don’t agree. There’s no shame in devoting yourself to another person, as long as he devotes himself to you in return.”



One in A Million Boy

The One in A Million Boy by Monica Wood (3.5/5 stars)

I read the blurb of this book and knew it was going to be sad. I abandoned this book once last year and revisited it this year. I keep hearing people saying it’s their favorite book for 2016 or they recommend it. It was a slow start and it took me awhile to get into the story or care for the characters. I’m glad I kept at it because the ending was well worth it.

Overall, story was good and there were tears in the end. Makes me think of all the ways I love my son and all the others ways I can love him too.

 I enjoyed this book even though it’s a sad story, because it actually teaches some valued life lessons. Parts are quirky, parts are humorous, and some parts are just sad


“Because the story of your life never starts at the beginning.”

what we ate for dinner


For our family (maybe most families?), dinner is the only meal where we are all together. My toddler is usually hungry around 6pm, which means we eat dinner as a family around the same time. That leaves me about half an hour between getting home from work and dinner time. I try to make dinner stress free by prepping ahead on the weekends. Cooking dinner is also less stressful when you plan ahead what to make and shop for the ingredients ahead of time.

On Friday evenings, I try to decide on the 2-3 dishes that I want to make for the following week, since we do our grocery shopping on the weekends. On Sundays, I do my meal prep.

So here’s what we’ve been eating lately.

Bake Salmon (frozen aisle from Costco)

january 2017 dinners (14)

Zuppa Toscana soup (less the gnocchi) and added baked cauliflower

january 2017 dinners (1)

Porchop + veggie sides

january 2017 dinners (2)january 2017 dinners (3)

Eggplant parmesan (my toddler likes to help with making dinner)

january 2017 dinners (4)january 2017 dinners (5)

january 2017 dinners (8)

Baked egg muffin for breakfast for the week

january 2017 dinners (6)

Honey and chicken dish in the slow cooker

january 2017 dinners (7)january 2017 dinners (9)

Potsticker noodles

january 2017 dinners (10)

Baked chicken apple sausage with veggies

january 2017 dinners (11)

Zucchini soup (our favorite)

january 2017 dinners (12)january 2017 dinners (17)

Crispy eggs (cooked with ghee) on top of a salad, dressing is balsamic vinegar

january 2017 dinners (13)


Egg Roll Stir Fry

january 2017 dinners (24)january 2017 dinners (20)

Damn Fine Chicken from NomNomPaleo website

january 2017 dinners (15)january 2017 dinners (22)


Roasting vegetables on Sundays


january 2017 dinners (16)january 2017 dinners (18)


Eggplant parmesan (again!)

january 2017 dinners (19)

Panda Express teriyaki chicken, with cauliflower rice and roasted parmesan broccoli

january 2017 dinners (21)

More roasted veggies, seasoned with something spicy

january 2017 dinners (23)



    making a batch of protein pancakes to eat throughout the week. I like eating it with fresh strawberries and agave syrup. enjoying a few sunny days by staying outdoors. We visit different parks and hangout by the duck pond filling our bag with library books during our visits. H chooses his own books […]

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{recipe} nutella sugar cookie cups


I made these nutella sugar cookie cups for Amy’s bridal shower. The decor for her theme looked so whimsical and romantic. I wanted to make a treat for her special celebration and I came up with these cookie cups filled with nutella mousse. I’m planning to make them again next week for Valentine’s Day. I’ve […]

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book report / big little lies by liane moriarty


  Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty “Big Little Lies is a brilliant take on ex-husbands and second wives, mothers and daughters, schoolyard scandal, and the dangerous little lies we tell ourselves just to survive” “A murder. A tragic accident…. Someone is dead. But who did what?” I wanted to read this book for awhile […]

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    thinking January was a loooong month. I’m ready for February and all the hearts and chocolates baking banana chocolate bread. Rainy days are our baking days, and we’ve had many rainy days in the past week going to the Zoo. It was cold and wet and we jumped thru a lot of muddy […]

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    visiting my parents on Sunday and bringing over breakfast. I made an oatmeal bake and roasted veggies & chicken sausage having courage to let H use the kiddie cart at Trader Joe’s for the first time. He didn’t hit anyone or break anything = success playing at Chuck E Cheese and using all […]

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book report / Landline by Rainbow Rowell


      Landline by Rainbow Rowell   This book follows a couple and their relationship, from the day they met in their college years to their married years. The main character Georgie, is realistically portrayed and I can relate to some of her inner dialogue (especially the subject of being a working mom). The […]

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    going to Home Depot’s workshop for kids. My 3 year old is a little too young for the workshop, so I helped him build the wooden crate and he did all the painting. He was very proud to receive his own apron and pin. spending time with my girlfriends after work Friday for […]

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meal prep & what I pack for snacks


  My goal is to use Sundays as my food prep time for the week ahead (when my kiddo is napping).  I am going to plan ahead our dinner menu for the week and do grocery shopping once on the weekend. Here’s what I prep/cooked this past Sunday. Roasted veggies x 2 pans Cooked Eggplant […]

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