currently / feb 15

      going to a Pilates studio twice a week. Hello core muscles, it has been a long time since we’ve worked together. bringing a  huge salad and Whole30 compliant appetizer to my book club tonight planning our vacation this summer, accommodations have been booked, we already got H’s passport and just need to […]

{recipe} cabbage & fruit slaw

I am enjoying making and eating all sorts of different dishes while on Whole30. I went into this with the attitude that I am willing to try and make effort to try new food, or it can get boring really fast. I don’t remember the last time I bought purple cabbage, maybe years? This week, […]

I am doing Whole 30

I mentioned on this post  how my sugar consumption had become a daily habit. It first started around Halloween last year and lasted until early January this year.  It was just so hard to stop. I have no problems with enjoying sugar on special occasion but eating it daily had wreck havoc on my moods, […]

pictures from valentine’s day weekend

I had a rare 3 day weekend this past week. I love my job but I hate that the holidays we have off from work are the major holidays only. I can count in one hand our work holidays, sigh! I was already in celebration mood on Friday, we stopped by the donut shop to […]

weekend wandering: arboretum

I love attending our mommy and me events but I especially love it when we have it outdoors and visit a place we have never been before. We recently met-up at an arboretum and wandered around the place, letting the little ones play, while us moms caught up with each other. I’m kind of embarrassed […]