What I Ate Wednesday – WIAW

Wow,  what a great trip we had at Mammoth Lakes this weekend.



I will be recapping the trip soon including plenty of pictures. It’s amazing how a 5 hour drive away from L.A. exist a completely different world of just pure nature. I wish we could have stayed longer.


But since it’s Wednesday, I thought I would do a post of what I’ve been eating lately and participate in What I Ate Wednesday over at Peas and Crayons.

Even though it has been hot during the day, the mornings have been a little chilly so I am back to my oatmeal love. I always add peanut butter and for crunch, I add chia seeds + crunchy cereal.


Lunch is usually a salad + nutty veggie burger wrap with hummus.



Mid afternoon, I always have snacks. Some days I have 2 snacks. This week I made Mama Pea’s cookbook recipe Single Chin Brownies. It is delicious and moist and made with 9 ingredients only, all natural ingredients. I’ve been eating it every day with a few cups of coconut tea.



Also for snacks, I’ll have my current favorite protein smoothie is frozen banana, coconut milk, almond butter and vanilla protein powder.


I like light dinner dishes. It helps me have good sleep if I don’t eat a large meal for dinner. I love making tofu bowls with quinoa and plenty of vegetables. (you can see here how I prepare my tofu using coconut oil)



After dinner, I’ll have a cookie with a cup of herbal tea. I love baking cookies and freezing them. I can just grab one when I crave sweets instead of eat store-bought cookies.

2011-07-02 (36)

Do you eat the same thing everyday or do you change up your food often?


  1. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    For my breakfast pretty much stays the same with Raw oatmeal or chia seeds with home-made Almond milk or store bought with a fruit.

    or I sometimes have a Whole grain bread with just peanut butter nothing else and half chocolate/coffee and cinnamon.

    For lunch it’s a mixed salad or Veggie Sandwich or wrap.

    Lately for dinner Since we live in a predominately Middle Eastern city it pretty much consists of a Middle Eastern seasoned Meat for family with Grilled Tomato, chili with a Jalapeno and Cilantro Hummus on a Pita or Lavash bread.

    but I usually eat the veggies with Hummus on a Pita or Lavash Bread.

    We can eat this food everyday… Yummmm!!!

    • Your lunch and my lunch are identical 🙂 I wish I can learn to cook more middle eastern dishes because I love the flavors. I just need to stock up my pantry with the spices needed for middle easter recipes.

  2. Mammoth is so pretty! I’ve only been in the Winter. In general, Tahoe is easier for me to go to.

    I eat hot oats all year round for breakfast — it’s the only thing that fills me up til lunch guaranteed!

  3. Not necessarily everyday, more like I eat the same things every week 🙂 I eat a lot of snacks too!

  4. The pictures look gorgeous! Glad you had fun!! I like lighter dinners too- if they’re too heavy, I never sleep well. I usually get into a grove with certain foods and stick with them for a while. I want to get Mama Pea’s cook book!

  5. actorsdiet says:

    can’t wait to hear about your recap – i have been wanting to visit those lakes!

  6. What a yummy WIAW, those brownies look delicious!

  7. Jessica says:

    Your eats are amazing. That tofu looks perfect.
    Mammoth looks so picturesque and your photos are just beautiful!
    I try not to eat the same things daily since I get bored quickly. Oats are a total exception though! 😉

  8. Mammoth is such a beautiful place and the change in scenery from desert to mountain is amazing. The eats look so yummy 🙂 I am not a big fan of tofu (except in my miso soup) but that tofu bowl looks delish.

  9. totally using coconut oil instead of olive oil next time i make tofu =) love it! Happy WIAW Lea!!!!!

    • I hope you try coconut oil. I like tofu so I’ve prepared it many ways and I always go back to stir frying it with coconut oil. It gives that crunch but soft in the inside texture.

      Yay, I have been stalking WIAW since I found your blog, glad to finally join in.

  10. I usually eat the same kind of breakfast everyday — my oatmeal. I just love it so much that that is all that I want in the morning. Though, I like to change it up, like I’ll use berries or an apple or peaches; protein powder or soynuts or whatever; almond buttah or peanut buttah or walnut buttah; vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, etc! It really depends on my mood. 🙂 That possibilities are endless! Those brownies look to die for! And so does that Protein Smoothie! YUM! Vanilla and Bananas go so well together. 🙂

  11. I’m usually just changing everything up according to what I crave or have in the fridge. Mmmm those brownies sound and look delicious~~OooO your photography is getting better and better girl~~! And love the flowers, so pretty.

    • Thanks Ellie, thanks for noticing. When I am not rushing my shots, the pictures normally comes out better, so for me it’s about taking the time. So when were in Mammoth, I wanted to capture the beauty of it all so I have something I can look at over and over until we go back again.

  12. Mammoth Lake looks so pretty! 🙂 Those brownies look delicious!

  13. First of all, your pictures are so pretty!!! 🙂 Second of all, your food looks delicious. I usually tend to eat the same thing all.the.time. I enjoy it though. 😛

  14. Your tofu looks LOVELY! [And only in blogworld can one say that and not have it be taken as an innuendo… ;)]

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