around here

  We learned that Baby H’s day care is closing, with a month’s notice, we are scrambling to find a new school. Luckily, I was able to tour 2 schools and we are going to choose next week. We are really sad to leave the teachers we’ve come to love. It’s been 9 months since […]

flower fields / carlsbad, ca

Whenever I see a picture of a flower field, it reminds of books I’ve read where people roam along the fields and during simpler times. I don’t see anything like it here in Cali except in Carlsbad. You can see it from the freeway and very hard to miss, especially during spring season. Although Carlsbad’s […]

happy sunday – slowing things down

  I’m inspired by quotes I read and love saving them so I can be reminded of them in the future. Picture below was taken at the flower fields in Carlsbad, a full afternoon just enjoying the flowers…..slowing things down.

motivated with fitbit

I recently started wearing a fitbit flex, it’s a bracelet that tracks your activity for the day. I am tracking my steps, and since I work a desk job,  my daily goal is 9,000 steps (I changed it from the factory setting of 10,000 steps). It’s achievable but I have to actively find ways to […]

seeking adventures

I do a lot of thinking in my car during my commute to work. I thought one day that I need to intentionally seek out adventures. I need to plan ahead, need to plan fun trips and need to take some time off.   I am ready to take on new adventures. Actually, I’ve been […]