Healthy Eats

Here are some of my healthy eats lately.

Obviously I am just showing my healthiest meals here for ideas. I also still eat Mexican food and fried fish tacos, pizza and other not so healthy foods—but I try to limit that to weekends.

My breakfast staple is always a bowl of oatmeal or some kind of oatmeal bake, so the only thing that varies in what I eat every day are my lunch and dinner meals.

Salmon with mango salsa and veggies.


Cobb Salad


I love adding fruits to my salads during the summer. Adding watermelon to my salad made it taste so refreshing and fresh.


Ground turkey mix with taco seasoning + more veggies and a small serving of pasta to taste it.


Spinach salad with grilled salmon. This is one of my favorite salads that I order at work.


Salad with pecans, feta, cranberries and roasted chicken


This was a little bit of everything— salmon, chicken parmesan, rice and roasted potatoes.


Other notes:

We are experiencing hotter than normal temps right now, so there will be lots of salad in my future. It is just too hot to be near a stove or turn on the oven in the evenings.

I really need to pack my lunch more often instead of ordering out. Will be working on this in the next month.


  1. Everything is so pretttty! I want to live w/ you. Haha. Have a great day dear!

  2. Such great, healthy meals!! Salads are a summer time requirement. I’ve been putting peaches in mine as of late! So many great local peaches here!!

  3. All your meals look delicious! I love when people share their healthy daily eats for meal inspiration. Excited to see some more inspiring summer salads!

  4. you’re making me crave salad!

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