I ate bats today

I wanted my usual Sunday pancakes today but because it’s Halloween, I wanted to dress it up. I ate bats for breakfast today. Three bats to be exact. I used my chocolate protein pancake recipe and cut the pancakes in half using zip zag patterns to make the bat wings. The idea for the bat […]

Purple and Yellow Family Party

Rain rain go away. It was raining early this morning but the sun finally came out in the afternoon. I was productive with studying in the afternoon and was very excited to go to a family party afterwards. Tonight we celebrated a very special birthday for my goddaughter Natalie. It special because it marked her […]

BEE happy Flashback Friday

It’s Friday, BEE Happy!!!! My niece Jazzy a few years ago 🙂   Flashback Friday Exactly a year ago from today, I was on vacation in Boston. We had planned the trip in the summer not paying close attention to our travel dates and realized that we will be out of town during Halloween. Boston […]

I Love Salad + The Chocoholics Pledge

 Accidental tasty salad. Sometimes random leftovers make great meals. The week is coming to an end, which means I am trying to eat all the leftovers before cooking a whole new batch of dishes. A mish mash of flavors that surprisingly went well together. A bed of arugula and fresh spinach, tossed in Shiitake Sesame Vinaigrette. […]

Banana Grilled Sandwich and Wedding Wednesday

I am still on a pumpkin high. After incorporating pumpkin on several creations in the kitchen lately, I am still not sick of it. That’s good, because there was a big sale last week and I stocked up. The nice folks at Julian Bakery sent me a few loaves of their bread to sample. They […]

Halloween Sale

In the spirit of celebrating Halloween week, I wanted to celebrate the recent opening of my online store with Open Sky with a sale. One of the reasons I started my blog was because I wanted to share with my friends and family ways to live a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to share the recipes […]

Pumpkin Coconut Raisin Bars

One of the reasons I love Fall is because it’s the season of many festivities. Since leaves don’t really change color in L.A., the first sign of fall for me are the colorful pumpkins. I see them being displayed at stores, then next I see the pumpkin patch locations in the neighborhood but the biggest […]

The One with the week recap

Today’s post is The One where I talk about the random things that happened to me this week. I have scattered brain today because I am lacking sleep (big time) from a fun outing last night that involved horror nights, vampires and zombies. It was really fun, so it was worth it…I will post recap […]

Pumpkin Cherry Granola

A few weeks ago I participated in Rebecca’s bake sale to raise money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. I donated 2 jars of customizable granola for the sale. The 1st & 2nd highest bids won the granola. I am a coconut lover but I understand not everyone is fond of coconut like me. So […]

Lightning, Thunderstorm…Oh my!

I took my sweet time getting up today. I slept late last night to catch up on lectures and never ending acronyms that I have to memorize for school. Some of the acronyms are definitely unique and sometimes funny so they do help me out during exams. I forgot to set my alarm for this […]