34 things I’m thankful for right now

    I’m thankful for sparkling water, it is my daily “fun drink” without any sugar. I’m thankful for podcasts, my commute will never be the same again. I’m thankful for our neighborhood, that the streets are safe and there are plenty of trails for me to walk around. I’m thankful for my husband’s ability […]

{recipe} crock pot balsamic roast

I feel so productive when I make dinner in a slow cooker. It feels good knowing dinner is cooking itself.   I’m working towards making at least a few crock pot meals several times a month, to include it in my Sunday meal prep. Lately though, I’ve been preparing the ingredients right before bed and letting […]

around here

  Around here….. I wrote my 550th post. Whoa, who would have thought I would still be blogging after 5 years. Beautiful flowers are in bloom around our house. I have done zero gardening this year, so I’m quiet surprise our plants haven’t died and even more surprise that they are blooming. We are enjoying […]

work wear / 1

My goal is to stream line the process of getting ready for work every day, and I think it would help a ton if I simplify my closet.  I wear business professional clothes Mon-Fri, so majority of what’s currently hanging in my closet are work clothes. Casual/weekend clothes are folded in my dresser. I need […]

{recipe} Italian almond crusted salmon

I made this almond crusted salmon twice during the month I did Whole 30. I bought 2 Costco size salmon, that was easily about 10 servings each. I bake it all at once and then portion and freeze half of it. I love salmon and usually bake/grill them with just a simple oil, salt & […]