Distraction – Wedding Venue Site Visit

I have days were I feel so distracted that I literally have to take it minute by minute. Today I set an alarm for an hour to do ONE task. Then another hour for another task. I see small progress. My mind never stops and one thing leads to another and next thing you know, I’ve spent half […]

I heart Seattle

Last fall I went on a travel-spree with friends, I guess you can say, I had wanderlust. I had some vacation days, great deals on hotels and all I needed was to pick a place and  go. I picked Seattle. I like organizing group trips, creating itineraries and researching places to visit and food to […]

Corn Muffin…Dairy Free

I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and make something I’ve never made before.  I usually go for recipes that have pictures, so I know what the finish product is suppose to look like, something to compare to. But heck I figured, I know what corn bread and corn muffins look like, no […]

Hollywood Bowl – Planet Earth Live

Saturday night at the Hollywood Bowl watching Planet Earth Live was really fun. It was my first time going to the venue and I’m glad I finally went and even better, went to a Planet Earth Live event. We saw spectacular footage from the BBC television series Planet Earth, first time high-def is being shown […]

Hawaiian Dinner

I have been looking forward to our plans tonight. Tonight is my night off from my studies to go have some fun with the fiance and friends. We started off with dinner early at King’s Hawaiian Restaurant since we were taking the shuttle to Hollywood Bowl around 6pm. King’s Hawaiian is known for their bakery […]