What I Ate Wednesday – Chocolate Cravings

I’ve been craving chocolate lately. I’m not craving sweets, but I’m craving chocolate.  I added a heaping tablespoon of dark chocolate powder in my oatmeal bowl and it turned into this black bowl of oats. Halloween color bowl?


I added shredded coconut, granola and nuts to the bowl and had myself a healthier version of almond joy bar 🙂


Lunch was a huge salad. My fall salads usually include hot items as toppings like teriyaki marinated tofu and edamame.


Baked tofu and sesame ginger dressing (my 4th bottle) was the best part of this salad. I love this dressing a lot.

IMG_2170 IMG_2175IMG_2176

I had a few snacks in the afternoon. I ate a huge apple and protein shake.

But a few hours after I was craving for more snacks. I ate my emergency snack stashed in my purse, ThinkThin bar brownie crunch flavor (more chocolate cravings!)


Dinner came around and on the menu tonight was leftover and store bought ravioli.

I started off with a small bowl of butternut squash soup I made recently. This soup freezes well.


Then finished off a few pieces of cheese and spinach ravioli from Costco. We had a coupon for this packaged ravioli and since I had tried it before as a sample, I bought it for dinner on weeknights when we both don’t want to cook.


Hope your week is going well so far.

Halloween is almost here and I still need to find a costume.

Are you planning on dressing up this Halloween weekend? Are you doing anything festive?


  1. The breakfast bowl is gorgeous. Im a big fan of having frozen pasta dishes on hand in case i dont feel like cooking. Im going to be mama minnie mouse

  2. Hello 🙂 I saw your pic on WIAW and I love the blog name 🙂

  3. Im loving the chocolate yummies!

    I love that Newman’s Owns dressing, a great flavor! I also like that think thin flavor, the chocolate strawberry one I am not a fan of : p

    I am dressing up for halloween! Mike and I going to a halloween party Saturday night!

    xoxo ❤

  4. That breakfast bowl does look festive for Halloween! It looks yummy though.

    I always keep some frozen pasta such as ravioli or tortellini in the freezer in case I really don’t feel like cooking. It’s a quick and easy solution to dinner.

  5. I’m loving myself some chococlate right now too! Ravioli is such a great weeknight dinner and so easy to put together! Your oatmeal looks fab! I’ve also been craving a great bowl of oats lately!

  6. I love your breakfast! I’m going to a couple of Halloween parties this weekend so I’m looking forward to those. Hope you come up with a costume soon!

  7. Almond joy oats… so cute and yummy. Smart idea for when you need chocolate pronto.

  8. Your oatmeals are the BEST! Gosh, that bowl of oats is GORGEOUS!

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