Road Trip: Danish Town of Solvang

Anytime there is a window of time that we can travel, we jump on the opportunity to do it.

Three day holiday weekend coming up? Why not go on a road trip.


We headed away from Orange County and drove north along the Pacific Coast highway.


First stop on the road trip is the Danish Village of Solvang. Solvang is in the Santa Ynez Valley, near Santa Barbara.

OC to Solvang

IMG_2213 IMG_2215 IMG_2216IMG_2217

It’s a quaint little town and quite adorable.

There are bakeries, restaurants, and merchants offering a taste of Denmark in California.


The architecture of many of the facades and buildings reflects traditional Danish style. There are replicas of Copenhagen’s landmarks.

IMG_2228IMG_2222IMG_2227 IMG_2265


Hej? (hello) Hvordan går det? (how are you?)


We walked and enjoyed all the architecture, the shops and the taste of Danish culture.



We did candy shopping and bought some salt water taffy. Coconut chocolate flavor for me.

IMG_2256 IMG_2259

We sampled free treats from the chocolate shop.


We did ornament shopping. They customized it for us.

IMG_2282 IMG_2283

We tried to do some shoe shopping but they were too big 🙂

IMG_2262 IMG_2263

We walked and walked….


…until we found Paula’s Pancake House.

IMG_2305 IMG_2285

I ordered whole wheat pancake and eggs with fresh juice from the juice tree.

IMG_2292 IMG_2293 IMG_2300IMG_2303IMG_2295

Chris ordered thin pancakes with Danish sausages. There was a man who sat next to us, apparently he eats at the restaurant every weekend. He gave Chris his recommendations.


I had a bite of the Danish sausage and it was good. Even better when dipped in Sauerkraut.

IMG_2296 IMG_2298

I’ve been to Solvang before when I was kid during one of my family’s road trip. I really appreciate it more as an adult, when you are more interested in the history and the culture.


I hope to be back to Solvang again soon. I still want to check out the wineries and apple orchards in the area.

Up next, more adventures with elephant seals.


Do you take road trips? or Mini weekend vacations?



  1. How fun! I love southern and central California. San Luis Obispo is one of my favorite places. I live in N. CA, I should take a weekend trip to S. CA. Have a great trip!

  2. How cute! I’ve actually always wanted to visit Denmark. Who knew there’s a little Danish town near Santa Barbara? Awesome pics! I take more mini vacations when it’s so much nicer to go around the beautiful New England towns 🙂

  3. Love all the pictures. I was just in Solvang to Make a film about the city for
    I’m Danish. Are you Danish yourself?

    All the best

  4. That is such a cute town! I’ve never heard of it before. It seems like it would be an awesome place to visit if you can’t afford a trip to Denmark. Those pancakes look so yummy 🙂

  5. What a great town! 🙂

  6. I’ve been to Solvang a few times and find it quite fun, even if I don’t like danishes! =)

  7. Annette (Defiant Vegan) says:

    omg I went there on Saturday wine tasting with some friends and had some home made one of kind cupcakes it was really fun.
    We went to this Mexican Restaurant a ways past Solvang called Carlitos and it was an A+ place.

    Glad you had fun and I love that Place.

  8. I LOVE roadtrips!! I’ve only been on a few, but am always up for one! Your trip looks like it was a ton of fun and you picked a great spot! Not to mention those pastries look amazing!!

  9. las artes says:

    We came for the apricot danishes but I’m definitely coming back for the custard danishes. The apricot danish has a jam center and tasted a bit too sweet and gooey, not natural at all. The custard danish had a light fluffy center. Very yummy! The butter cookies were also very tasty. I like the round buttery one with raisins and the rectangular one with brown specks. You can get the giant tub or the smaller bag of 10 cookies to taste. We didn’t try any other bakeries so I can’t rate this one against them but I’m sure they are all very good. Danish Mill is a solid bakery. Eat Danish – check!


  1. […] we enjoyed a big breakfast at Solvang from our last stop and weren’t quite ready for big meal again, we chose to order light for […]

  2. […] already posted pictures from Solvang and Nepenthe Restaurant, and these pictures were taken on the same road trip with friends, as we […]

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