WIAW – Eat My Greens

Some fun highlights from this week.

We had our usual Sunday evening at Disneyland this past weekend. I got my highest score on Buzz Lightyear ride!

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Chris sent me flowers at work for my birthday. The lilies finally bloomed and they are so beautiful. Definitely the bright spot in my office. They remind me of the flowers from our wedding.


Last week, I ate a ton of soup (because I wasn’t feeling too well) and even more sweets because I indulge for my birthday celebrations.

This week…I am back to working out and for my eats, I am making sure I am eating a lot of vegetables to balance out all the sweet treats.

So here is what I’m eating this week.

Breakfast: Whole grain waffles, peanut butter, blueberries  and egg omelet.


Omele: 1 whole egg + 3 egg whites


I like to serve my favorite (Nature’s Path) waffle extra toasted so that it’s crispy enough so I can pick it up and eat it “pizza style”.


Morning snack –> Apple with peanut butter.


Hugh Jass salad is what’s for lunch. Again, I love crunchy texture so I made sure to cook the veggie burger well done so that it’s burnt crispy on the outside.

IMG_1054 IMG_1055


Around 4pm, I start craving something sweet and chocolaty.

My current favorite protein/snack bars right now are ThinkThin chunky peanut butter bars. I found the best deal for them are thru Amazon (including free shipping). I enjoy eating these for afternoon snacks a few days a week.


I also enjoyed Strawberry Lemonade cupcake that was baked by a co-worker.


I bought a huge bag of brussels sprouts at Costco this week so we will be eating these all week.


I just stir-fry them with garlic and then add beans and toasted almonds to the dish.


We ate it with fish, no pictures though…but it looked like the fish below. Chris cooked it with spices and maple syrup.


Hope your week is going well so far!


  1. oh how can hong kong people buy think thin bars too?

  2. I’m on a big egg and salad kick right now too. Salad in a mixing bowl=very necessary. What a fun way to prep brussels

  3. Hey! You won my nunaturals giveaway- shoot me an email with your address 🙂

  4. Everything looks super delicious here! YUM!

  5. Oh man. I tried those Think Thin Peanut Butter Bars too. I can’t believe that they are so good yet (somewhat) healthy!

  6. mm! That waffle looks delicious. I bet it tasted as good as it looked! lol

    ps. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award

  7. The food looks very interesting on this site I just might have to try some of the tofu dishes. I’m always looking for healthy alternatives.

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