Lets Wrap It Up

 I was not surprised to learn from your comments on the last post that there were a lot of you who would want to do a destination wedding. After I got engaged, immediately friends ask about our wedding plans. When I mentioned that I want to do a destination wedding, a lot of the couples already married said that if they were to get married again, they would do a destination wedding instead of throwing a huge party for 300+ guests and also they wished they were able to interact with their guests more on their wedding day.

I think the hardest part  is finding the best location for your budget while considering your guests travel cost and expenses. The ambience is really important for me too, I’m all about the whole experience and making great memories.

I must say that trying to find a hotel in all of Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii was just too big of a task. It’s nearly impossible task to take on and remain sane. You can only look at so many hotels before you start dreaming about them every night.

Lets move on to the food shall we…..

I love wraps. From chicken lettuce wraps to tortilla wraps.

There are days where I leave the house early to workout and don’t get home late at night so I package all my food the night before. I like to prepare my meals for the next day while I’m preparing dinner the night before. One of the easiest food for me to create are wraps.

If you need to use up leftovers, put it in a wrap. 

If you need to clean out the produce in your refrigerator, put it in a wrap.

If you want a sandwich but don’t want anything messy, put it in a wrap.

My current favorite tortillas for wraps are Flatout Multi-Grain wraps and La Tortilla Factory Smart & Delicious Low Carb, High Fiber Tortillas. Both brands I bought in bulk at my local Costco, usually 3 bags in one package. I just freeze the unused bags.

Turkey Wrap:

Trader Joe’s red pepper hummus, avocado, turkey breast slices, spinach and Laughing Cow cheese



Tuna Wrap:

Sweet honey mustard, tuna, sliced cucumbers, relish, lettuce and for crunch, I put a few crumbled multi-grain chips from Food Should Taste Good


IMG_1944  IMG_1945

 Sardines Wrap:

Sardines mix with stoneground mustard, yellow curry and dash of salt and cumin. Served with lettuce and Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato chips.



                 I  like this mustard that I got from Wholefoods, adds a lot of flavor.


 Do you make wraps? What are your favorite ingredients? One of my favorite things to put in my wraps or sandwiches are chips. I like crunch in every bite.


  1. it’s look like great, thanks for sharing !

  2. I am totally with you on wrapping up leftovers! I don’t like to eat leftovers day after day, but if you can change it somehow, the food becomes much more enjoyable.

    My favorite wrap is black beans/salsa/black olives/romaine/avocado in a whole grain wrap. Sometimes I throw a few tortilla chips in there too.

  3. I really like wraps too but I get way to excited with them end up stuffing them with too many ingredients, and they end up falling apart many times.. I should work on controlling myself when I make them or just purchase bigger tortillas 😉

  4. I made almost the exact same turkey wrap for Maya this morning…how funny! It looks delicious! Have you tried Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Tortillas? They are the best for wraps.

    • Ameena,

      No, I have not tried it but thanks for the recommendation. I will check it out when I’m out. I like tortillas that can stretch a little bit, sometimes I packed too many things in my wrap that it rips when I try to pick it up 🙂

  5. I’m always thinking I should make more wraps, thanks for sharing this 🙂

  6. I love that you put sweet potato chips in your wrap! I sometimes do that with deli sandwiches- gotta have that crunch! lol

    And wraps are awesome. I’ve been going towards bread as of late, but I really do think wraps are more convenient.

  7. I love making wraps with chips inside too. So good. Avocados are another favorite of mine.

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