Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve

It’s our family’s tradition to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Chris and I headed to my aunt’s house (same as last year) for our Christmas Eve party.


We had traditional filipino dishes, including a whole roasted pig (lechon).

IMG_9213 IMG_9212

After we ate, it was time to mingle and catch up with everyone at the party.

Me with my sisters.


…and cousins.


We also had secret santa exchange and talent show for the kids and “kids at heart”.

My niece Jazzy danced her hula routine. She has been taking hula dance classes and she showed us what she has learned.

12-24-11 Xmas Party a

Some caroling from the adults and more singing from the kids.


It was another memorable Christmas with the family. It was joyous and festive and it’s great to see our family grow with new babies.

IMG_9363a IMG_9292

I handed out treat bags filled with cookies and bars for the kids and included breakfast bread for the adults.


Christmas Day

Since we didn’t go to bed until 2am the night before, we took our time waking up on Christmas Day.


Santa was very generous this year and left us plenty of presents under the tree.

IMG_9393 IMG_9388

Around lunch time, we headed out to Seal Beach for Christmas day celebration with Chris’s family.

It was my first time eating a yule log cake. Light, fluffy and delicious.


I also parked myself in front of the deviled eggs platter. I had a few of these before we ate our main meal. We had traditional food, including turkey and yams for lunch.


After the lunch party with Chris’s family, we drove to my parents house and more family time ensued in the evening.

Since our family was incomplete the night before, we were missing my sister and my nephew Jonah, we were finally able to get all together on Christmas day.

My favorite part of Christmas is all the time I get to spend with my family and the cute kids.

I can’t wait to hangout again in a week for New Year’s Eve celebration.

I hope your had a great weekend. If you celebrated Christmas, I hope you had a joyous celebration with your loved ones.


  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas! That little Jazzy is so cute! But I’ve never had yule log cake before… what is it? (I feel like I’m out of the loop!!)

  2. I heart your neice! So adorable-love that shes taking hula! Did you get a treadmill? How awesome!! Glad you had a nice christmas

  3. you and your family are simply adorable.

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