{weekend wandering} snow in palm springs

In January, we took a road trip to Palm Springs and rode the aerial tramway to go see and play with snow. There were 3 cars total on this road trip, so it was a big group with my sisters, brothers and kiddos.

For my brothers and my little guy, this was their first time seeing snow, so I was very excited for them. I haven’t been back to Palm Springs for years so I was excited to explore the area again.

It was a crowded weekend, so the wait to ride the tramway was about 1.5-2 hours (I heard this is normal wait time). We left home around 8am, purchased our tickets at the base around 10am, but our boarding time was at noon. For the 2 hours we waited, the kids explored by climbing rocks and playing around a small waterfall. My little guy napped around noon and was sleeping during the boarding and the ride up.

palm springs 1


It’s a 5 mile ride up to the mountain and the views were beautiful. No L.A. smog in sight. Once we got to the base on top of the mountain, we immediately felt the cold, good thing we wore layers of clothes. We don’t really own snow clothes so layering regular clothes and coats was the way to go for us.

We took a quick walk down to get to the snow. A lot of the snow were already hard and if you wanted to get to fresh and soft snow, we had to walk more towards the less busy area.  We made snow balls and played with them and threw them at each other. I had more fun watching my little guy in awe of the snow, although he kept taking his gloves off and would come running to me when his hands got too cold.


palm springs 2


Next time (maybe next year), we want to bring our own plastic sled so we can have more fun sliding down small hills. We saw others do it and made a mental note to do the same when we return.


palm springs 3

After we played with snow, we slowly hiked up to get back to the top of the base (about a .5 mile hike). We took plenty of breaks in between to catch our breath. When we returned to the top, we were hungry and ate at the only restaurant available (not a lot of healthy options available, so next time, I want to pack our own food).

We took the tram down and enjoyed the views again. This time, my little man was up the whole time and not napping, so I made sure to lift him so he can see everything.

We decided to stay the night in Palms Springs, checked-in at our hotel and grabbed carry out dinner from a local restaurant. The next morning, we stopped by Koffi and visited the famous dinosaur roadside attraction on our way home.

palm springs 4

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