Knott’s Berry Farm – 10K Coaster Run

My friend Amy and I ran a fun 10K race recently. We ran the Knott’s Berry Farm (a local amusement park) 10K Coaster Run. This is my 2nd time running this race and since I had a great time last year running with friends, I wanted to repeat it again this year.

Getting ready at the starting line. Rain was in the forecast but luckily it stayed away until the race was done.

photo (4)a

This race is called Coaster run because you run around and under roller coasters.

Picture from last year's {2011} race

Picture from last year's {2011} race

I was dressed for a rainy race and ended up being too hot with all the layers I was wearing.  This race had majority of runners running the 5K Fun Run, so the 10K finishers were very few. Kind of felt lonely towards the last mile 😦

photo1 photo2a

I kept thinking of the prize waiting for me at the finish line and it gave me something to focus on.

They were giving out their famous berry pies to all race finishers.


I think the only time I eat pies are during Thanksgiving and during this 10K race 🙂 I really look forward to it.

I’m happy the weather cooperated and that we stayed dry during the race. I’m happy that I was able to run this fun race with one of my best friends, Amy 🙂

photo (2)

With the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in January and finishing this 10K recently, I hope I get to run more fun races this year.

Here’s to a healthy and fun racing season!!


Are you planning to run any race this year?



  1. Great job! Running near the roller coasters sounds fun. And pie to sweeten the deal? Fabulous. I run the same race every year in October and sometimes and additional one or two in November

  2. Pie at the end of a race? I’d love to run for that! 🙂 I went a little crazy with running races last year so this year I’m trying to save money and just pick a couple I really like. I’m looking forward to running the Harpoon Brewery Race in Boston next month!

  3. what a fun run! I’m slightly obsessed with amusement parks!!!

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