a day at glen ivy spa

I realized early on in this motherhood journey, that if I don’t take care of myself, life is going to be tough for me and for everyone else living with me.  I get cranky and moody. I remember a time during my maternity leave and I was staying home alone with the baby, I would get the baby fed and changed and I would also take a shower and dressed myself by the time my husband was home from work.

As soon as he comes in, I would hand him the baby and I would go to my happy place…..Target 🙂 I would get a starbucks tea and peruse the aisles of Target and back then, it felt like a spa. Ahhh, the joys of motherhood for a first time mom. I couldn’t really stay out too long either because I would miss my baby so much.

glen ivy spa 1

Fast forward to a year later, the newborn days feels so long ago and although we have new challenges with having a toddler, it feels so much easier now. I know this feeling, of knowing that whatever comes my way, I can handle it, it had to take time for me to get here. I had to go through the sleepless nights, the exhaustion of being a new mom, to fully appreciate where I am now.

glen ivy spa 2

I celebrated my birthday at the end of April and all I wanted for my gift, was to spend a day at the spa, to get pampered and spend the whole day just relaxing. I did just that. I brought my friend Cher along and we spent a whole day at Glen Ivy Spa.

I promise myself I would do this at least once a year (even if it’s just on my birthday), but I’m hoping it will happen more often.

glen ivy spa 3

I booked a stress reliever massage and it was much needed. The masseuse commented how tight my shoulders and lower back felt, I explained that I carry around a 25 lbs toddler up and down the stairs every day. And oh, I’ve been short staffed at work since beginning of the year and the stress is just building up. But no worries, the massage will help all the knots and aches go away, even if just for a day.

glen ivy spa 4

Cher and I went to the mud spa first, lathered ourselves with clay and let it dry and tighten up around our skin. After we rinsed ourselves, our skin was soft like a baby’s bum.

Ate good food for lunch and spent the whole day drinking smoothies and floating on the pool. Closing time came too fast but a whole day spent at the spa, rejuvenated this mama and I felt a surge of energy to tackle what lies ahead.

glen ivy spa food 1

glen ivy spa food 2


  1. Ahhhh. That spa looks so wonderful – hope you recharged!

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